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Certainly an excellent article with very good statistics and history. I found this article interesting and informative and certainly worth its being in the edited guide.

An interesting addition to this article would have been the future for the HIV/AIDS epidemic and various treatments but an otherwise well-written piece.

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Dr Hell

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...how rewarding!

I agree: There's certainly a lot more to write about AIDS. I have certainly not covered ALL aspects in my AIDS Entries. I just hope that the ones I wrote give a well-resolved picture of the AIDS problem as it is at the moment.

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Sea Change

Hell has done some excellent stuff on this topic, and some of it is already in the Edited Guide.

This is a very difficult subject to do, and I thank Hell for tackling it.

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I agree as well smiley - smiley Great work Hell smiley - ok
But could you tell us more about the prevention of this dreaded disease ?
Why don't you give us some sort of step by step plan, to decrease the probability of its incidence ?
You are going to risk many souls this way
Thank you smiley - ok

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Dr Hell

There are some other entries relating to AIDS HIV that I have written (check out the links in this Entry). I think one of them contains quite detailed information about how the disease is spread and what to do to avoid contamination.



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