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clzoomer- a bit woobly

I was lucky enough to be part of the Olympice television coverage in Norway in 1994. It was an especially interesting time for me since I came from halfway around the world to do it but my father had a close connection. He was part of the Royal Navy which had such a huge part in the liberation of Norway at the end of WWII. He stayed for some time and had told me some of the things to experience.

The museums and galleries of Oslo were a great experience but my two fondest memories were of people I met there. A lady on a bus asked if we had trolls in Canada and was quite hurt when I thought she was joking. She had never seen one but was certain they existed. Not just one kind- mountain trolls, river trolls, all kinds. She particularly liked the statue of a troll that was on a mountainside and thought it was very lifelike.

Another person I got to know was the owner of the *Statoil* (national oil company) station at the top of the hill above our lodgings. He was a wealth of information about regular Norwegians, a working man in our midst. He liked to point out to the more prudish amoung us that the *pornographic* magazines and cartoons were mixed in with all the others because the children would never consider looking at them at their age. His favourite snacks cooked up for those of us tired of processed meat and herring were legendary. He could make a three patty hambuger of elk with cheese that could choke an elephant (or stop it's heart). If you preferred he would deep fry and entire chicken straight out of the freezer. He maintained that's how they stayed moist. Once you got to know him he might sell (or give) you some of his home-made liquor. He assured us it had not made him blind in ten years so it must be safe.

Between these people and the students I met and spent time with in Oslo I am sure that in a nation without many resources, Norway's greatest are it's people. But don't get me started on the Finns.....


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Now I'm curious smiley - bigeyes What about the Finns?

smiley - tongueout Just kidding, I don't want to know! Glad you liked your stay in Oslo though. smiley - smiley
By the way, there's a gang of trolls living nearby the forest road I walk on my way home. They are quite small and very nervous, so I use to talk to them when I pass by after dark, so that they know it's me and that there's no need to be afraid.smiley - smiley


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clzoomer- a bit woobly

You must be safe away from the woods then. Another great memory was travelling in a bus from Lillehammer to Giovik (sp??) and seeing a single cross-country track to the middle of a frozen lake where there was a tent <!>
We have our share of wood and water beasties here in Canada, you just have to get away from the city to find a Skookumchuck or Ogopogo.

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