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Meat Grinder ?

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Well, as for long distance internet based relationships, the question is whether I would have rather had my hand stuck in a meat grinder instead? In thinking about the 4 year ordeal I subject myself to and the pain and suffering it caused psychologically..I think I would willingly stick my hand in the meat grinder before attempting another if given the option!

Meat Grinder ?

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Inky. I couldn't help but reply to your message. My heart goes out to you. I'm suffering one of the painful bits of a long term, long distance relationship now. I fear that it may end soon and, if it does, I know it's going to be like the end of the world for me.
I have to hang on to this, though. She's wonderful. The only reason that it can hurt this much is because I love her so, and that's because of who and what she is. Whatever pain I'll suffer, and don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that it will make it any easier to bear, won't stop it from having been worthwhile.
I hope that you can look back and say that too, Inky. Pain comes to us all, but don't ever let the fear of pain stop you from sharing something potentially wonderful.

Meat Grinder ?

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Trust me, a long distance relationship gone sour could not possibly be as horid as a in town relationship that has failed. Top of the uncomfortable run-ins, the mixed up mail, and the incident wherin his new wife was my nurse at the emergency room... well you get the picture. I would embrace a failed long distance relationship (or meat grinder) with my whole heart (leg) rather than to be annoyed on a weekly basis. SO smiley - cheerup, have a beer and think of me coming face to face with the new wife while swollen and doped out of my head!

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