A Conversation for Long-distance Romantic Relationships - A Survival Guide

will it work?????

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I started talking to someone last August over messenger, so it's been nearly 8 months now. He lives in Brighton and I live in Lincolnshire so it's a fair distance, we met for the first time at the end of february I went to his for the weekend, the majority of my friends thought I was mad but I knew it was 100% safe and It was all just a laugh really I wasnt expecting to go there and for us to click, if anything I at least wanted us to be good friends because we got on so well on the computer and having telephone conversations. As soon as I saw his face when he met me I didnt feel uneasy at all it was as if we had met each other before this, we got on so well it was scary! We had a great weekend, got drunk went shopping the usual stuff! We both did kiss but nothing more happened which I think is a good thing, If anything we just talked and talked and talked! And to me that made my weekend with him, I got to know so much more about him and he did about me, I really did feel that we clicked and I think he did too. when we said our goodbyes it wasn't a "Oh I'm going to miss you so much" goodbye, more "It's been a good weekend and I really enjoyed your company" goodbye, which was how It felt right to say goodbye really. Since being back we still talk on messenger and I sent a brief email askin how he felt, and it was positive but I think hes scared because we live so far apart. I know he feels the same but It's hard to tell when you can't see his face! I'm 20 single with a 2 year old daughter and he's 24 and single, he knows about my daughter and hes been fine about that from the start but mabey thats another issue for him, I just dont know????????????? I would just like some advice from anyone really whos been in the same situation and mabey a man to tell me what goes through their heads in this situation! thanx for any replys smiley - smiley


will it work?????

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Hi from the US! I am currently doing something extremely similar except I have never met my girlfriend. We are many states apart and every day I wish I could be with her. It is quite depressing I can't be with her but exciting because I am excited because she seems like she is honest and she loves me.
I do not think your child will get in the way. If it is a problem to him he would have told you or that he loves you so much he doesn't care. My girlfriend told she did something bad (not as lasting as having a child but still I did not like it). I was initially shocked but then I forgot about it because I love her.
I am not the best to ask though. This is month number 1. Your story gives mine hope!

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