A Conversation for Long-distance Romantic Relationships - A Survival Guide

This is hard!

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Hi, I have met a great guy, just two weeks ago! I have never felt this way b4 with previous boyfriends who have just, sort of grown on me. I met him on a friday, saw him the next day then i went away to my sisters. He contacted me and phoned me everyday after that. He then came to visit me for a whole day before he had to leave for Germany, where he is based in the Army.
We have contact in some way every day, but i am not used to this, as he is. I can't believe how much i can feel for him so quickly, but i am so scared by this when I can only see him now and again ( or worse if he gets called away - 6mths). I have said to myself that it is better to have a good long distance relationship than a crap one day in day out.
He has alreadly served 16 years so he might be out in 4, i wonder if I should invest my love in him (not that i can help it!!), in the hope we will be together properly then? I suppose you just have to see how things go don't you.
Anyone been in similar situation?

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This is hard!

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