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Parking in the parent and toddler area at asda

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This really grips my s**t.

Went to asda the other night with my son aged 2 and duly parked in one of the parent and toddler spaces. (Most parents will agree that an extra couple of foot of parking space is essential when trying to cram an unco-operating or asleep child into a car seat and get all the straps buckled up!!)

Anyway whilst I was doing this this couple in their late 40's pulled into the space next to me in their brand new Lexus (car make doesn't make any difference to the story), out they jumped, bleeped on the car alarm and off they went, no kids.

This guy must have felt the daggers I was staring at him or seen the steam blowing out my ears, as he looked back a couple of times, first at his car the second time looking a bit concerned that I was staring at him.

A couple of seconds after he turned the corner, he returned, probably more worried I was going to touch his car than feeling guilty for parking in one of the few parent/toddler spaces, but he got in his car and moved all the same.

By the time I had the carpet monster strapped in and was setting off, I just saw the same Lexus pulling up in one of the disabled driver space.

I cannot express how I feel about such people without risking a ban for impropper language. At the time, I didn't want to start an argument with the bloke as I had my child in the car, so I rang asda on my mobile and they said they would announce it on the tannoy to get him to shift his car. I don't know if they did, I left, my blood boiling.

When relaying this tale to a friend at work, he said he'd seen a perfectly able lad in his 20's pull into a disabled space. All my mate said to him was "I hope you need that space oneday........" enough said!!

Parking in the parent and toddler area at asda

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The Apprentice

I agree with you absolutely on this one. Mind... I've seen cars with a driver ferrying a disabled individual parking in kiddie spots and they've proclaimed that there aren't enough spots. Now, on both occasions I've seen this the disability has been a cane at most. So... is that a better use of the space than it being used by a lone parent with a couple of struggling toddlers. I don't think so.

And, yes... I've seen the youngsters, the middle-aged couples, etc. parking in disabled and kiddie spots - and I've tutted and stared for all its been worth. Most have simply ignroed me or declared that they're only going to be there 5 minutes. So, that's a consolation for the disabled driver who drives by in 2 minutes?! I don't think so.

Parking in the parent and toddler area at asda

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McKay The Disorganised

This only works if you drive an old banger - but I have parked across the rear of a car in the parent and child space more than once. (It also helps if you're 6 foot tall and hairy - I am.)

Parking in the parent and toddler area at asda

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I'm actually toying with the idea of keeping a tin of paint in the boot then when I spot it happen again I can paint "BABY ON BOARD" or "DISABLED DRIVER" down the side of the car in huge letters. smiley - smiley

pie shifter

Parking in the parent and toddler area at asda

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I can't understand the need for these Parent and Toddler areas.

Disabled spaces are an excellent idea, as they allow those who may not be able too walk far to be close to the store.

I'm sure we could think up a few other categories of people who might more rightly deserve a space nearer the door.
"Just had a hard day at work";
"Sport injury";
"Carrying heavy consumer goods too big to fit in trolley"; etc.

Parents with toddlers are normally young and fit, or if not could do with the excercise. If their child can toddle, let it toddle along otherwise put it in a baby's wheelchair and push it!

Still the parent and toddler spaces are good for me, as I get to park nice and close to the store!!

Parking in the parent and toddler area at asda

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It is an interesting statistic that a significant proportion of non-disabled people parking in disabled spots also have a criminal record.

Not caring about other people's parking convenience seems to go hand in hand with not caring about other people generally, either their safety (eg driving convictions), property (theft convictions) or selves (assaults).

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