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Camden Town is also a great place to be mugged or ripped off. My girlfriend was attacked at one of the cashpoints after withdrawing some money. Keep your eyes open, people!


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Rt. Rev. Lesley Gentle

A shame, but there are muggers in most towns. I have been going out of a nighttime and daytime in Camden for years at least three times a week and I've never had any trouble there whatsoever. I have had more trouble going to supposedly 'safe' middle class towns such as St Albans, Hertford and Reading.


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Yes,I am the Lady Lowena!Get with the programme...

I wondered around the bronx by myself ,lived in White City and once spent a week bumming around Holland and Belgium sleeping on the beach.Never had any trouble. Look poor and look like you know where you going. Thats my advice,but then I am a girl.


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Researcher 238900

Well I live in Camberwell which is dirt poor, has one of the highest crime rates in London and is just down the road from one of London's biggest psychiatric hospitals. It felt like Belgravia after Camden. The area around Camden Tube must have the highest concentration of winos, nutters and junkies of anywhere in Britain ; Spitalfields Market is much nicer.


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I have lived in Camden all my life. It isn't a great place to be but then where is? Yes it has it's muggings and tramps, and druggies, but they are everywhere. You can see them quite clearly anyway.

In the market in Inverness street which is on the r.h.s after the station, they normally do drugs at the top of that, so be careful. Just be aware and mind pulling your cash out. Mind the cash points, use the machine inside if poss especially HSBC and Barclays which are by the station, as they are watched by muggers!

Oh while im here talking about Camden, you cant get into the staion on a sat/sun only out until a certain time (used to be 5:30pm) so if at camden Lock, go to chalk farm smiley - smiley

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