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Just one thing...

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Sho - employed again!

I sat through S1 of Atlantis and stopped watching sometime at the beginning of S2

Weir - well, the actress mostly - irritates me so much I just can't look. No matter how much manly totty there is in it.

The one standout ep for me, was right from the beginning when Shepherd got that bug stuck on his neck. I thought there was some good writing and some good acting.

Oh and the one with that black misty thing that they trapped in that doohickey (you know, the one where he said "we're going to need a bigger boat")

oh and the last 2 eps of S1. Angry, wet Shepherd was worth watching.

Just one thing...

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Reefgirl (Brunel Baby)

I liked The Seige episodes and Coup d'Etat in s2 because it involved men behind bars smiley - drool

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