A Conversation for Discrepancies in the Theory of Evolution - Part II

It's Called a Cat

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A mousetrap that self-assembles is called a cat.

The means of self-assembly in the case of a cat, which so miraculous to most people is called evolution.

Life has coded within it an imperative to try literally every means of survival there is. Only one strategy needs to work in order for life to be successful and to perpetuate itself in the usual manner.

The evolution of the mouse by no means stopped with the development of the perfect mousetrap that is the cat either.

Darwin's theory of evolution is now largely irrelevant to the discussion of the origin of species. Evolutionary changes can be scrutinized in staggering detail through the chemistry of the genome. Evidently an additional layer of coding of the genome was discovered in 2014 which determines whether or not the proteins are actually expressed. All living things have DNA. DNA is the code of life. More complex forms derive of simpler ones under the right conditions (whatever those might be). Not all of the process is under the direct control of minds so limited as that of a human being, nor should it ever be.

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It's Called a Cat

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