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help ! severe period pain

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i'm hoping that someone out there can help me !! i had bad period pains when i was younger but they went while i was on the pill. they're now back with a vengeance . i've tried agnus castus/B6/EPO/magnesium/zinc/accupressure/tens/wheat bags/mefanamic acid and feminax !! a combination of all these seemed to work as long as i got to the pain quickly. last week my period started in the early hours of the morning........and all hell let loose. the pain was strong when i went to get a tablet....but got worse....and worse....and when i thought i was going to die from the pain.....it got worse. i'd've phoned an ambulance but knew it was "only" period pain !! in the end i spent 2 hrs boiling, clammy, pale and puking and in the worst pain i've EVER experienced.
PLEASE, does anyone have any more ideas. i don't want to go back on the pill or have a coil fitted if i can help it.

help ! severe period pain

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Hey. I Get It Really Bad Too! Umm I Don't Know What To Suggest Much. Have You Tried Excersize? I Was On Really Heavily Today In pe At School And We were dancing around. Yesterday i fainted and today at lunch i did too, and i threw up earlier so i get it really bad too! But in pe i did yoga exsesizes with my teacher (she said it would help because i mentioned my problem to her) and it actually did help! I Also drink lemonade which stops me from throwing up and milk seems to stop me feeling EXTRMELY ill like i usually do!

Hope that helps!
Love Kirst x

help ! severe period pain

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It is probably worth speaking to a doctor, even if you don't think they can help, they may have some more ideas. If the pain is ever really really bad again then it is worth calling an ambulance. Pain is pain, whatever the cause, they have got to come out and see you once you've called and will be carring strong painkilling drugs which they can give you. A doctor who has seen you when you are actually that bad is also more likely to be sympathetic.

Other than that I don't have much to suggest - other than drugs like stemetil (an anti-emetic) to stop the nausea and vomiting. Acupuncture might be worth trying? Other than that you have my sympathy and yah boo sucks to the male race who have no conception of what this is like!

help ! severe period pain

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Hi pinkheart07

I have only just joined this site as I wanted to reply to your comment. I am so glad to know that there are others, like me, who really do suffer from severe cramps. At the moment I am on mefanamic acid. I was advised to start taking the 3 per day as soon as I get the first signs that I am due to start. It does not work!
Last month I was blacking out from the pain. I have even been for a laporoscopy to see if there were signs of endometriosis but luckily not. After a visit to my gynae the only suggestions they have left all involve contraceptive ingredients which I am not prepared to take. If you are not hoping to conceive a thing called a 'merena' was suggested to me by my gynae. From your post you don't want to go this route either.
At the end of the day, with today's technology etc, I still cannot believe that there is no solution to ladies such as ourselves. It seems that we just have to ride it out. It's funny, as I sit here at work, all I want to do is be in my bed with a hot water bottle - nearly home time.....

help ! severe period pain

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well, it's been a while!! thanks for all your replies - and i hope you've all managed to get some relief. i don't know if thepain i had that one month was a one-off in it's severity but i'm hoping so! However, i still get evil, sickening pains sometimes and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme nor reason to it - no pattern etc. i've kept notes for over 3 yrs now and the best i can say is, sometimes, it's better one month than the next!!
i agree that the powers that be (and invent/discover) really should've come up with something by now! i've tried reflexolgy points, herbs, vitamins,prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, excercise, heat, cold, foods - and now, pretty much, use them all. I've read a huge amount of research/anecdotal evidence.
i take raspberry leaf (tea - or capsules, if on 'sale'!), calcium/magnesium tablets, starflower, epo, B6 for at least 1 week before i'm due on. the doc said take the mefenamic acid a day or so before starting but i'm not so regular any more and shouldn't really be taking it as i had an ulcer some years ago. what i do now is take mef. at 1st sign of pain then ibuprofen 1 hour later and another 1 hr after that as you can only have 3 a day - they take 1 hr to work and last for 6hrs....hmmm, does not compute! so, stagger the tablets - ibuprofen work waaaaay better for me than any other otc meds - but everyone's different so try them all - doc says you can take aspirin with ibuprofen/paracetamol etc and mef. acid - just stick to correct dosage. i also have more soya now. extreme pain is rarer but still happens - oh, and excercise DOES NOT work for me! hope some of my info might help (ooo! nearly forgot, couldn't survive without my wheatbag, the heat really helps)(ooo! AND the magnet that you can get from avon that attaches to your knickers....seems to help!!)

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