A Conversation for Dealing with Pre-menstrual Syndrome and Period Pain

Happy PMS

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Goddess of Purple 7s

For all those women out there that have happy PMS (or maybe it's just me?) I started to notice that I would have increadably happy days. Times when I was just estatic to be alive for no reason. I once told someone on one of these days "God doesn't tell me why he makes happy days, he just does." I started to chart them on my calender and noticed that they always came before my period. Is it just me? Are there any other women where this happens? 'Cause now I really wanna know.

Happy PMS

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yes this happens to me for about a day or to, and then i pay for itsmiley - wah. what goes up must come down.lol

Happy PMS

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so i'm not the only one with happy days?!

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