A Conversation for Dealing with Pre-menstrual Syndrome and Period Pain

Are there any alternative therapies?

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I must admit the injection is lovely, but once you get off it is like puberty all over again. I was on it for 3 years and just went off it a year ago and I swear that I am like a teenager again! smiley - smiley It is great if you aren't planning on having children (again or now...) but hard on the old body if you are planning on it... takes a while to get things back to normal! smiley - smiley

Are there any alternative therapies?

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I find that vat loads of Earl Grey tea really helps with PMS. I beleive it is the Bergamot used to scent the tea leaves which is the bit that helps. And of course tea is anti-oxidant, so that helps generally as well. It could also be that when I feel like ripping OH's head off and beating his to death with the soggy bit, a nice cup of tea is a comforting alternative (and easier on the cleaning!!)

Are there any alternative therapies?

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wow noone has written on this subject for a long time! anyway here's my insight. osteopathy may help.
if you think, in a period your uterus contracts. this squashes the blood vessels that supply the uterus, so blood (and therefore oxygen)can't get through to supply the uterine muscle. this leads up to a build up of toxins that cant be removed (as the veins are squashed too)which irritate your uterine nerves, causing your period pain.

osteopathy helps to increase blood flow to your uterine muscle and remove the watste products, hopefully promoting a toxin free environment that doesnt irritate those poor little nerves (IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE!!) sorry if this has been too technical but hope it helps xx

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