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Mardi Gra

When fluoxetine first came out, there was a lot of speculation that it was related to disturbing, violent thoughts experienced by patients. Families of suicidees who had been on the drug blamed it for their relatives' deaths, convinced that there had been no suicidal tendencies before the drug was prescribed. Research over the years has not found any evidence to support this view, but the debate does re-emerge in the media every now and then. Sadly, many sufferers of depression do take their own lives; hopefully anti-depressants play a part in easing people's suffering and help save a few in the process.

Side effects

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The package literature for many SSRIs (notably excepting those provided by the Eli Lilly company, like Prozac) state that suicidal ideation is a possible side effect.
This side effect is especially true of patients with mania or hypo-mania in addition to their depression. The theory is that patients who are depressed lack the "energy" or "will" to take the necessary action to kill themselves. Patients who have an agitated state that correlates with their depression are more likely to attemp suicide.

The scientific literature regarding the link between atni-depressants and suicide is not helpful. There are many articles on both sides of the issue. It is important to remember that the Drug Companies sponsor MANY of these studies. The attitudes of teh investigators and the validity of the research is a major point of discussion in medical ethics.

It is well established that patients with hypomania and mania should not at antidepressant medication without also being treated for their manic state.

Side effects

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Lou Cypher

I've been taking fluoxetine for about 9 weeks now and havent had any problems with side effects what so ever. Although that sound a good thing it the lack of primary effects that bother me, ie.it hasnt done anything.

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