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The film rather neglected the vital role of the 113 Malaysian troops who were sent (and did) rescue the Rangers. Made them out to be glorified chauffeurs.

It's easy to work out why - the film is supposed to an expression of how American values remain true and strong in the face of overwhelming odds. So you don't need to see a failed US mission being rescued by foreign soldiers.

Generally, I'm agreeing with many of the points made in the discussions generated by this article. I know films (if based on truth) are not bound to be exact and true recreations of what happened.

But I certainly do feel differently about films regarding war/conflicts in the recent past. Films reach a hugely wider audience than history books and, for people who suffered through the events depicted, to see them distorted can be immensely hurtful.
For example, U-571; the reaction of the relatives of those who died helping to obtain the Enigma machine in WWII, was that their loved ones had been excised from history and that their contribution to help win the war had been casually ascribed to fictional characters.

Of course, this was a more straightforward alteration of what happened as opposed to distortion/omission, but to do this - not for practical/financial reasons, but to give a deliberately different impression of what happened is (I believe) reprehensible.

(Of course, whether film studios have any duty to the truth is another matter. After all, the Pentagon has in the past demanded rewrites to scripts before allowing resources and locations to be used in films. Could be tricky)

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Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron

THey didn't say very much about the 10th Mountain Division either.

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Apparition™ (Mourning Empty the best uncle anyone could wish for)

Speaking of things like U-571. Another researcher pointed out that "they" need to insert themselves into historical where they wern't nessaseraly there. To a lesser extent, off the top of my head, was a van damne movie I wached recently with america playing (behind the sceenes) pivitol roles in the hand back of Hong Kong.

It's laughably insecure of them sometimes smiley - laugh

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Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron

Well, Van Damne movies are always laughable.

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