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America's Enemies in Film

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Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron

It looks as if the film industry may be changing its enemies list.

In the upcoming movie The Sum of All Fears, a neo-Nazi group is supposed to steal a nuclear weapon and use it against the United States. In the novel, it was muslim terrorists, assisted by some socialist German and an American Indian terrorist, who found a lost nuclear weapon. They modified it and deployed the weapon in an attempt to start a nuclear war between the US and the USSR (it was published just before the fall of the Soviet Union).

Now Hollywood is picking on the neo-Nazis!

I really don't think it's all that important who is put in movies as enemies. I don't think that studio heads are think about what they do and consider there actions except in how it affects the bottom line.

I don't much care for big changes between the book and the movie. Black Hawk Down has some issues with that too.

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America's Enemies in Film

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