A Conversation for 'Black Hawk Down' - An American Fable

But the Somalis loved it!

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Smiley Ben

...is what you'll be told if you complain about this film...

...they won't of course mention that they cheered loudly every time an American soldier was killed...

But the Somalis loved it!

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Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron

It was a huge vicroty for Adid's clan. Although the Americans met their objectives, it sucked the wind out of the campaign. Just like the Teht Offenseive, we won the battle that lost the war.

I don't even think they minded the casualties that much. The Americans have got to be the most squeemish country on Earth when it comes to taking American casualties. Reckless action seemed to be the order of the day for the Somalis. They were fighting a war of attrition, and they were willing to accept an awful lot of casualties.

The lesson we supposidly learned in Vietnam is that you don't enter a war without the will to carry through to vicotry regardless of the casulties. If you don't have that poitical will, you might as well not even enter the fight.

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