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Peet (the Pedantic Punctuation Policeman, Muse of Lateral Programming Ideas, Eggcups-Spurtle-and-Spoonswinner, BBC Cheese Namer & Zaphodista)

In last night's "Sex on Television" documentary, they used a clip from Porrige to show how the British public thought of "Pan's People", a semi-erotic dance group of the time...

"... Pan's People. There's one special one. Beautiful Babs... I can't remember her name."

Excellent dialogue

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There was always something about the way Ronnie Barker said those lines too, the expression made it funnier.

I liked the episode about the pinapple chunks.

Excellent dialogue

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

"Down where the knees are knocking, down where the toes are tapping, down where the Jocks are strappin-"


"Oh, sorry Mr Mackay, didn't see ya there."



Excellent dialogue

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Hey, how come we keep on bumping into each other? This is really bizarre.

Excellent dialogue

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Bring me "The Sun", and something to read.

Excellent dialogue

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Kenny Ellaway

This show was full to the brim of laugh out loud lines and interaction between the characters.

But I think the best line was the one that didnt make you laugh, but made you see a side to Fletch that you never really saw before.

I think it was the scene, possibly when Godber was chickening out of the boxing match, where Fletch gave a long speech about "making your own breaks coz you wont get many of them on the outside" It was a highly charged emotional scene which I think, finally reveals Fletch's fatherly side to Godber.

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