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Michele - Doily Mogul: Don't leave me! If you go there'll be no braincells in the room at all!

Hello! My name is Michele and I am sub-editing this entry. I have a question - so I thought I would pick your brain and see what you think. One of our goals in sub-editing is to make sure that the entry is easy to read, and is easily understandable by the reader. (So that they don't have to interrupt the flow of your entry by stopping to look up a word every few minutes). My question is on your choice in using the word "efficacious". I had to look the word up, (however that is not unusual for me!) and I am afraid that most people won't know what it means. I thought of possibly substituting the word "desirable" or "advantageous". What do you think? You are obviously much more familiar with the terminology in this area than I am, so I bow to your wisdom. Should be leave "efficacious" in and make them all look it up or not? Please let me know asap - as I am trying to get this forwarded to the editors by this evening or possibly tomorrow at the latest. So far it's been a delight to edit as I have had to make very few corrections!

Thanks ever so much!

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Evil Zombie Strider

You can change it (possibly to effective, as it means almost exactly the same thing). Its just one of my pet vocab words that nobody seems to know. smiley - winkeye

smiley - footprints

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Spike Anderson is sorry he can't catch up on a whole month's backlog

I rather like the word. You could just footnote it smiley - smiley

-Spike A.

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those familiar with the song 'lily the pink' will be familiar with the word. smiley - smiley

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