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Democracy was invented by the Ancient Greeks, who felt it was a good idea to test all the possible types of government they could. Thus they experimented with dual monarchies, oligarchies, theocracies as well as democracy and plain old despotism. Democracy is the best remembered because it won the coolest wars, and its supporters (the most noteworthy being the Athenians) wrote some really nifty books.

Democracy today is far removed from the heady days when eligible voters (which excluded women, slaves, foreigners and media owners) were able to meet every day to discuss taxes, wars and other important issues. Today, people now elect representatives (which can now include women thanks to the success of the egalitarian movement) to meet and discuss taxes, wars and other important issues.

To get elected in a democracy, a person needs to be able to convince a large group of people that he or she is the person for the job. Thus a person needs to be charismatic, articulate, and be able to look and sound good to the media.

Once elected however, the skills, which enabled the person to get the new position are next to useless, as economics, laws, diplomacy, and hundreds of other issues have to be tackled in order for democracy to work.

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