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This article shows the current representative democracy as being the direct decendant of good old athenian democracy.
Is this right?
I would argue that what we currently have is more backward than athenian democracy as it offers less representation and personal power.
What we have is not really a democracy, more a republic and so more modled on Ancient Rome than Ancient Greece.
Obviously it is impratical to maintain the old athenian system due to the size of modern countries.
So, if the size of the countries prevents true democracy and personal determination, surley it is logical to 'devolve' into many, many smaller, self governing states, with no external rule, in other words a comunal/communist anarchy.
There are obvious problems with implementing this, but then look at the ideas of other convos on this topic.
(btw, loved the treeocracy!!!smiley - smiley)

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Democratic Evolution

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