A Conversation for Democracy

Democracy - A Warning

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The Wisest Fool

Over 2000 years of democracy and you get Demis Roussos.
Let's all quit while we're ahead.

Democracy - A Warning

Post 2

Researcher Horay II

lets all quit while were sooooo far behind. Ah Hell! Too late. Y2K, global warming, Globalized economies.

Democracy - A Warning

Post 3

Sniggly - Researcher 146370

I remember this story in a book by Jack Vance (a fun scifi/fantasy writer) - don't remember what book nor the exact wording, but it went a little something like this:

Ina forest lived 100 squirrels and 20 wolves. They heared about democracy and thought it was a very nifty idea. So they instuituted it and when all was said and done the wolves had to live in trees and eat nuts.

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