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A big welcome to all researchers across Ireland or anyone just wanting to be in Ireland!!! Just because there's a border across the island doesn't mean there'll be a border here. Basically if you have any interest in Ireland, North or South, resident or not, we'd love to hear from you. Were have you been? What do you like or not like about the place?

If you wanna join, just add your name, wee U number thing and where it is that you're from to the conversation at the bottom.

If anyone has any suggestions for anything they want included on this page, I think there are one or two conversations going below you can add stuff to and I'll see what I can do.

So, so far to make up the wee members list we have (in no particular order, sorry):

<smiley>Azara from Dublin, now in Wicklow.
<smiley>Gnomon from Dublin.
<smiley>Woodpigeon from Cork.
<smiley>Ballynac from Clare, but now lives in London.
<smiley>The Asbury Park Ranger from Letchworth, Hertfordshire.
<smiley>Polly Math from London, moved to rural Ireland.
<smiley>Demon Drawer from Bangor(NI), moved to Scotland.
<smiley>Luckystar from Belfast, moved to Luxembourg.
<smiley>Not Panicing Yet from Coleraine.

So everyone, please grab the drink of your choice, <pggb> or <stout> or maybe even an Irish <coffee>, sit back and get talking. Do you think Ireland's the most <smiley> place on earth, or do you really think we're just a bunch of <aliensmile>s from <mars>?

We're talking bout having a wee meet up thing sometime, but we don't know where to have it yet. We want it to be nice and easy for everyone to get to and at a time when you all could come. If you have any good ideas, just add a posting to the conversation. But I'll let you all know if we decide anything anyway.

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