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Ever wanted to decorate your morning slice of toast? Many haven't! But just in case you do, here's how:

With a medium density paintbrush apply water to a slice of white bread, and decorate it with flowers, faces or anything that takes your fancy. Try to keep the design simple and the lines about 1cm wide. Be careful not to soak the bread, but just to dampen it.

Immediately place the bread in the toaster or under a grill and wait for it to brown. The water increases the time it takes for the treated patches to cook, so wherever you apply water the surface will be lighter in colour.

In order for this to work you must have a good toaster - ie, one that browns evenly. For best results it is recommended that you use an eye-level gas grill, as this browns without leaving streaks or lines and you can watch your design magically appear.

Have fun and play safe!

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