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Weather forecasting toast

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James the Techie

A great technique. Of course, today's world being what it is, someone has already automated it.

On 31 March last year, The Register posted a story about device invented by Robin Southgate, a final year Industrial Design student at Brunel University. It's a toaster which, while your toast is toasting, dials a freephone number to get the local weather forecast, then burns the relevant weather symbol into the toast. A shining example of the wonderful things that come out of academia.

Of course, given the date, everyone assumed it was an April Fool. To prove it wasn't, they had to repost the article a week later. With pictures of the toast. To see them, either search on The Register for "Java toaster", or try entering "forecast toast" (without quotes) into Google. (If you do it the other way round, you get the weather forecast for Toast, N Carolina, USA. smiley - smiley)

Weather forecasting toast

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I had heard about that funky gadget... I wanted one for Chirsimas... but no one would by it for me

Oh well... next year maybe.


Weather forecasting toast

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Is it worse than the toaster from Red Dwarf
hello, I'm toasty, your talking loveable toaster

Forcast this


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