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42 = PI

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PI is the basis for solving the answer to life, the universe, and everything, i.e. solve the sum 3.14 (a dot is normally taken as the multiplication sign when writing formulae of matrices & vectors) and you get 42 (clever guy Douglas Adams).

So there you have it, solve the mystery of the choice of 42, with another universal scientific conundrum - totally apt.

42 = PI

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Uhmmm, ... no. Sorry to say that it just doesn't work.

1) A closer approximation of Pi is 3.14159265 which would give the answer 42477795.
2) Our measure for Pi is based on an earth-centric numbering system which is not universal enough to work for the universe.
3) It gives us no clue as to whether it truly matters if we go to work in the morning.

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42 = PI

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3 x 14159265

= 42, 477, 795

42 is close enough

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