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Atheism, Racism, Political Correctness

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The plain and simple truth is that the ancient belief in gods was born of ignorance in an Era of Total Ignorance and is sustained by modern ignorance. There is a superfluity of evidence for evolution but the notion of gods is devoid of ALL evidence. If one attempted to prove the existence of any god in court, it would be immediately thrown out for lack of evidence. There is not a shred of probative evidence. If the Bible and Scriptures were considered evidence, it would be the ultimate absurdity because they are not only hearsay but pure mythology. There is one area in which true equality really exists; namely, theology. All the thousands of gods man invented are equally nonexistent, equally fiction, and equally figments of human imagination.

Jesus was the self-proclaimed Messiah for Jews, NOT Gentiles. St. Peter, about whom Jesus said according to Matthew 16, "Thou art Peter and upon this rock (peter means rock, hence 'petrology') I will build my church.", did NOT want Christianity extended to Gentiles. It was the will of St. Paul to convert Gentiles to Christianity. Here is how it stands: Neither Jesus nor St. Peter wanted Christianity for anyone other than Jews, but the Jews with whom Jesus lived and died rejected Him. Can it be that his own people knew him better than people of distant lands knew him?

RACISM! Good or evil? If you choose to denounce racism, you should at least do so from the vantage point of knowledge rather than ignorance. We as Homo sapiens exist because of Nature's racism. Nature produces an infinite diversity of biological forms that struggle for existence with the most fit becoming the victors in that struggle. Darwin was ignorant of the process of diversification, but we NOW know It to be DNA replication errors. There is no evidence of design in Nature. It's a random, "brutal" process. Rather than get into biological and anthropological complexities let me put it very simply. The USA owes its existence to the SAME natural, racist principles.

When Europeans "discovered" the Americas the natural struggle for existence came to the fore. Our ancestors slaughtered the native Indians to the tune "the only good Indian is a DEAD Indian" and the "Manifest Destiny" mantra. Having been robbed of all their lands and beaten into total submission they were confined to concentration camps called "Reservations". The USA broke every treaty it ever made with the natives. Taken in toto (including Negro Slavery), it spelled RACISM at the MAX. If you wish to denounce racism, at least be fair. You must denounce your own country that was founded on ultra racism, and you, the recipient of stolen property, are duty bound to return "your" property to the few surviving Native Americans. Failing that, you should at least stop ranting against racism and acknowledge that you, yourself, are a beneficiary of racism.

Too little Black History? No Problem! We'll invent more. See: http://www33.brinkster.com/iiiii/inventions/

For more complete info see: http://www.glorentz.com

Atheism, Racism, Political Correctness

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I agree that the USA and most countries where built on the blood of others.

And I would agree to the fact that there is no God if you agree that you are a machine.

The quest for God; for the soul emanates from the feeling and knowledge that we are all born with that feeling that we are more than our bodies.
If you think that your brian is just a biological computer then pain will just be a signal, like a red flag, or a zero and one, or an electro chemical reaction that will make your face grimace not a feeling of pain. Are you an empty robot?

The capacity for feeling and the deeper capacity for consciousness is what is perplexing and what can not be explained by the mere theories of physics, chemistry and evolution.

The bible may be correct, may be incorrect. But there is a secret, a kind of magic that seperates living creatures from solid matter.

There is a soul.

It needs no scientific proof, you just need to feel it, you need to peel the anger, grief, greed, sensousness and touch your soul. If you do not know your self you will not know the mysteries of this life. If you think you are just a chemical reaction then do not feel sad one someone with the same belief comes and tortures you to death after all that pain is just a piece of informaiton being processed by a machine called your body.

The soul is there, you just need to look inside. Do not read a book or google this, just ask your self do you FEEL. Do you have something that science has not fully explained.
Yes they have explained how morphine will reduce the pain you feel, but they have not explained feeling. They say well evolution created that so that species will try to survive, but they still can not explain it.

A machine is a machine, if it evolved it would be an evolved machine, it will survive, think and use inputs to increase its ods for a longer but limited life span, but it will still be a machine.

Are you a machine?

If not then a small magical ingredient called the sould which was the root of mans quest to find God or answers about his soul.

IF you have chiristianity that much try searching in the Indian philosophy for answers that may be closer to your mind.

Atheism, Racism, Political Correctness

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What does any of this have to do with 42?

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Atheism, Racism, Political Correctness

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