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I think I figured out the ultimate question (and therefore the ultimate answer).

After some random thinking, I realized that the "ultimate question" was only calculable by something on the Earth, probably humans. And something that humans tend to ask for everything that happens to them, everything that goes on around them:


It's a question that is universal to all subjects. "Why" did Douglass Adams write The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? "Why" do we exist? "Why" did the universe form? "Why" can't I eat another cookie?

And only one answer can possibly answer everything:


"Because" is also universal to all questions and subjects. "Because" he wanted to flood society with useless information. "Because" some supreme being created us. "Because" an atom-sized black hole exploded after finally absorbing an infinite amount of matter. "Because" you will spoil your dinner.

This may be descriptive of Adams' observation that humans are always asking "Why?" and trying to determine the "Because".


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No, they already thought of that one, but it doesn't fit the answer. "Why?" "Forty-two".... you see, it doesn't work.

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