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The girl in the coffee shop.

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I have been considering for a very long while, and in Douglas Adams time, make that 26 years long, but long enough.....

I have been considering, what was that one thought.... the one,that could change the face of all of humanity, and for just a moment in time, Mr Douglas Adams has for the last 26 years left me to think and ponder this question, as to what the most brilliant but simple to the idea to all the world's problems were in that girl's head as she pondered over her hot coffee.

We all know he has stated that the answer is 42.

But I now understand, how he derived this magical number, through much determined expansive reading I now know how he obtained this magical figure, but what about the other answer. To change the world in a heartbeat.......Oh how nice.

The girl in the coffee shop.

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If you've read at least up until "So long, and thanks for all the Fish" then this wouldn't be such an enigma to you. By the end of the book you can reasonably deduce that the girl is Fenchurch, and she mentions to Arthur a few times the feeling of knowing there is an answer that would justify life, that if it were truly known universally then everything would be...Okay.

The following stems from only slightly subjective deduction, but Fenchurch's inner struggle seems to really be about "what is the point?" or "why me?" "what is the hidden meaning?", and the list goes on; Basically she's questioning the notion that there is some big picture we're supposed to figure out. Whether you're catholic trying to understand why God does what he/she does, or you're atheistic trying to find your own path and meaning...these are normal human preponderances.

So to get to the point..and the end of the book, Fenchurch, Arthur, and Marvin finally witness 'God's final message to his Creation in 30 foot high burning letters', and it reads "Sorry for the Inconvenience...".

And upon seeing this, Fenchurch says, "Yes, that was it" and she feels at peace, finally, and I should also add that even Marvin says he "feels good about it" before dying...or expiring. And so right there is the answer to the revelation she had in the coffee shop right before earth was destroyed. And what it really means to me is "There is no grand scheme or ultimate meaning or enlightened answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything... Life just kinda turned out this way and sometimes it really just sucks, so...Sorry for the inconvenience".

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The girl in the coffee shop.

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