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Well, now I'm hungry...

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smiley - drool These sound really wonderful - yet another reason to move south.

Well, now I'm hungry...

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Great guide entry! I love how you give not only the ingredients for the sandwich, but the specific recipe for Cuban bread and how to grill the pork. smiley - cheers

Well, now I'm hungry...

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Great entry FT smiley - oksmiley - drool Good solid recipes stuffed with lashings of tasty advice smiley - burger (must look a *bit* like this)

Well, now I'm hungry...

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I hope you have all found your personal source for this fine concoction!

Now, can I interest anyone in my grape jelly meatballs recipe??

smiley - towel

(Seriously, try this)
Meatballs - Ground Beef, breadcrumbs, and egg, browned in a very little oil.
Add 12 ounces retail chili sauce to 16 ounces retail grape jelly.
Simmer for about 30 minutes.
Great on toothpicks as snacks, or even on pasta!

You'll never tast the jelly, it comes off as more of a subtle wine flavoring. The chili sauce overpowers any other 'grapeness'.

smiley - towelII

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