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J.R.R. Tolkien pronounced his name with a long I. There is a professor of literature at Brigham Young University who says so. If this is the case, it would be nice if it were recorded somewhere. So here it is. Tolkien rhymes with soul sign. Look at those spellings.

English is great, isn't it? If we pronounce the 'ei' like we do in eight, then it isn't either, nor either, but either. I love English!

His Name

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Evil Zombie Strider

He did? Well, you learn something new every day! hmm... Tolkine [sic]. I kind of like it! smiley - biggrin

smiley - footprints

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I have read somewhere the name Tolkien comes frome the Netherlandian language
(South Africa > Boer)
and can be translated as "Daredevil"

His Name

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Actually I have to do a research papaer and mine is Tolkien. And I've foudn it is believed to be Geram origin; Tollkuhn, which stands for foolishly brave or stupidly clever.

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Tolkien actually pronounced his name Tol-keen. I have met his daughter, and she also pronounces it this way.

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