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Catman do... aka clincher

Wow... so much stuff i never knew about the disc world series, i am a recent devotee to the series, i am working my way thru slowly, im up to Guards, Guards, at the moment. enjoying it all, your comments make a lot of sense. its the charecters that really get me involved, the witches and death are fantastic.


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our next door neighbour is a pratchett nut as well, and as he works for energis has super-fast broadband access at work. he's downloading a heap of the unabridged recorded discworlds, most of them are read by nigel planer.

i need to buy an mp3 player i think!

guards!guards! is one of my all-time favourites. i often think that terry has a soft spot for the guards myself, particularly sam vimes. i have a sneaking suspicion sam is his favourite character. i know he's mine!

oh, and death. the librarian. granny weatherwax. hex.

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Catman do... aka clincher

Not forgetting Carrot, the massive dwarf... 'grin'

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