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Nbcdnzr, the dragon was slain, and there was much rejoicing

If you turn Larry Niven's name you get the word Nevinyrral. This was used in the game of Magic: The Gathering. The card is called Nevinnyral's disk, it destroys almost all cards in play. It's a clear reflection of the creator's (Richard Garfield) interest in fantasy literature.


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Gnomon - time to move on

The disk you are talking about here is not the disk from Stata. Nor is it Pratchett's discworld. It is a small disk about 6 inches in diameter that was the central feature of a short story and a novella by Larry Niven. The novella was called "The Magic Goes Away". I can't remember the name of the short story. Niven theorised that magic is a finite resource which belongs to the environment rather than the magic user. It can be used up. A magician produced a small disk which he hung in the air. He then set a spell on it to spin and accelerate indefinitely. As the disk got faster and faster it used up the magic in the area around it, rendering all local magicians powerless.


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Nbcdnzr, the dragon was slain, and there was much rejoicing

Cool, I didn't know that. It sure makes sence with the ability it has in the game. It also checks out with the artwork on the card.

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The short story is "Not long before the end" and there are quite a few other works set in the same fictional universe though warlock's disk(the magic sucking disk) dosen't figure as much into most of them.

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