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Giant turtle

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Here's something interesting I learned in Geology - apparently the scientific name for the giant turtle includes the word "pratchetti" in it somewhere (can't remember the rest of the name).

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Giant turtle

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Aurora (Muse au Chocolat; Muse of Fancy Footwear and Seraph of High Heels)

I'm not 100% sure but I think the story goes that a palaentologist found a fossil a hithero unknown species of turtles and - being a discworld fan - named that species after Terry Pratchett.
Just like Gary Larson has a louse (???) named after him (somethingsomething garylarsonis IIRC...)

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Giant turtle

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Yeah, thats it. He has a plastic cast of one of it's bones as a paperweight. What do *I* have to do to get a big marine reptile named after me?

Giant turtle

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I suggest a visit to the seaside combined with a lot of scuba diving. Don't forget to take an underwater camera!

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