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My father,Gerald Hayward who sadly died in 2007, lived with his Mother Daisy, sister Nesta and two older brothers Horace and Dennis, in Ash Parva, next door to the chapel. His father who was a borough surveyor, was killed in a motorcycle accident in Durham. The family were forced to sell their farm in Blackpark(where I now live) and moved to Ash Parva,where they spent all their young lives. My Dad used to regale us all with stories from his fund of rich and extensive knowledge of the ups and downs of village life in the early 1900's. He knew all the families, and his descriptions of daily life including his attendance at the local village school in Ash Magna were always lovely to listen to( the house WE bought was built in the playground of the same school )
It's lovely to see that nothing has changed since we left the village with our two children about 14 years ago, the tomato incident, scandaloussmiley - winkeye
I was there during the "mole hill" mystery, this involved the sudden appearance of a row of very neat and symmetrical mole hills, which suddenly erupted all over the beautifully manicured bowling green!!!! They never discovered the "mole"... and yes I DO know who the moles were..... and they certainly weren't wearing velvet waistcoatssmiley - biggrin
Still miss the place... happy days.

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LL Waz

smiley - yikes mole hills on the bowling green! I didn't know that one.

"In the playground of the school" I think I know which one you mean.

I'd love to know more of what it was like at the school. There are a few photoes in the Ash Roots book of the school, school groups, Sunday school outings, that sort of thing.

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Why no info on this site for 5 years?

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Hello jd, welcome to h2g2.com smiley - smiley

I have left you a greeting in your Personal Space giving you a few links about h2g2 smiley - ok

Is your question regarding h2g2 or are you asking about Edited Guide Entry itself?

lil x

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