A Conversation for Ash Magna and Ash Parva, Shropshire, UK

The Bullocks of Magna and Parva

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LL Waz

A new Ash story (found in Madge Moran's 'Vernacular Buildings of Whitchurch and Area and their occupants'):

In 1520, to celebrate his marriage, local farmer Richard Sandford gave a fat bullock to each of the townships of Ash Parva and Ash Magna.

Ash Magna magnificently ate theirs.

Ash Parva prudently sold theirs. For £32.

The £32 was used to lease 1 acre, 2 roods and 32 perches of land which was renamed the Town Croft and rented out. The annual rent became known as the Wedding Feast Annuity and funded an annual feast up until WW2. That's nigh on 400 years of feasts... think prudence outdid magnificence on this occasion.

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The Bullocks of Magna and Parva

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