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Advanced Queuing - Queue Surfing

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Mo Power (Itching Cucumber, Lord of Nonsense elect)

This is a technique I developed in Fast Food restaurants, where some sort of a queuer-initiated system is practised:

The basic idea of this technique is not to stand in only one, but two -or maybe, for professional queuers like students- three queues at a time, and to know by instinct, which of those is about to move first. It is important (to prevent queue rage) to do this in a smooth, weaving, but most of all insuspicious manner - dont let people know that you are practising queue surfing, otherwise you will be glad if everything you earn are just evil glances!!

So, if you are new to q.surfing, watch those unshaved, long haired young men who tend to suddenly stand in front of you in a queue without obvious jumping, and learn!

Advanced Queuing - Queue Surfing

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Sea Change

Registers in McDonald's in California open and close with such frequency that it is impossible to tell where specifically any queue's sink is, but everyone insists that you be in one. Queue surfing is a vital skill in this instance!

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