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this is a game, not dissimalar to american frisby, invented yesterday at longcroft sixth form. the object of the game is to convert the frisby through the uprights of a rugby pitch. it can be played by two or more teams, of any size. the first team must start from a predetermind circle, square, line, that is away from the goal. the second team must intercept the frizby, and land it outside the zone befor they can shoot, similar to half court basketball. the person with the frisby can't be interfeared with unles they are fumbling, or it is amusing to do so. the person with the frizby can't mave, unless they are interfeared with, or stumble. anyone but the persone with the frisby can 'take out' or be 'taken out' by another player. 'takeing out' is a rugby tackle, kick, punch, headlock, wedgy, well pretty much anything painfull. this most offen occurs when a frisby is on the ground. an aireal takeout occurs when a player is in the air, and is taken out by another airborne player. it is truly spectacular, and leagal. if a flying frizby that is about to go to ground outside the shooting zone is intercepted in the zone, play continues. when the team is preparing to start, they can move with the frisby to any point out side the shooting zone. injurys are part of life, vendetas are encouraged,there is no whining. a pileon occurs when two or more players are wrestling over a frisby on the ground, and it is not dissmilliar ot a rook in rugby union. the frisby is not the property of any taem in such a situation, but the victor will be the team that can remove the frizby from the opposition, by the formation of a rather large pile of players, ofen crushing cirtain vital organs. no protective padding is wourn, just teeshirts and trousers/ shorts. if two players are fighting over a frisby and a pilon does not occur, the player with the most hands on the frisby is the victor, unless the other player can proove they reached it first.
frusby, a truley beutiful game.

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