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Disc Golf (That serious thing)

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A somewhat more recent inovation in the area of Frisbee Golf is that of Disc Golf, or Folf.
While disc golf appears to be very similar to the entry's description of Frisbee Golf, however the feel of the sport is different.

The first obvious difference is that the discs are quite different from frisbees. Golf discs are designed with better aerodynamics, are smaller, and usually made of a type of rubber. Disc golfers will also often carry multiple discs for different situations. These correspond to clubs in golf. There are "ultra long-range," "very long-range," long-range, and mid-range drivers, approach discs, putters, and spare discs for when you've lost/broke another. Disc golfers usually carry no more than three. These discs are much more reliable (for a good golfer) than frisbees, and are almost always more expensive.

Another major difference is that the course is well defined. There are set tee-off points as well as clearly defined "holes." These holes are usually metal baskets a little more than .5m above the ground. These baskets have parts added to the top in order to stop the discs. Occasionally, a hole will be an object which the golfer must hit. The courses often share space with parks, however, there are certain areas divoted to disc golf.

One of the biggest differences is that people take the sport seriously. There is a Profesional Disc Golf Association complete with unintelligible rule book and championships. A short visit to the PDGA website (well, I won't put it here to be cut out) gives one a good sense of how serious disc golfers are. However, disc golf still maintains it's fun feel and is a cheaper entertainment than regular golf.

One last note: due to the age group that most disc golfers fall into, many do wear silly clothes.

Disc Golf (That serious thing)

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vogonpoet (AViators at A13264670)

Well what can you do eh? There are enough people in the world that everything can be taken seriously by someone smiley - smiley Take the roshambo people for instance- the whole roshambo web pages give details of all the tournaments, various gambits available to roshamo players, and much advice on playing the game in general, and they sound serious indeed - there as me just thinking it was a bit of rock paper scissors fun.....

a seriously mad world smiley - smiley

Disc Golf (That serious thing)

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Brother Andúril - Guardian


I thought disc golf was frisbee golf. Indeed, I've always played it with a normal disc. We were on a disc golf pub crawl round campus. I lost...

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