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Ultimate Tiredness

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Scott Bennett-AKA Scoop

As well as being a truly excellent sport both to watch and play ultimate is probably the most physically grueling team sport in existence.
When played properly the game demands the equivelent of running at 100m sprint type speeds for 10-15minute stretches while changing direction and using all your balance and skill to direct the frisbee in complicated plays like the hammer.
All in all it is the most strength sapping thing I have done, but also one of the most enjoyable.

Ultimate Tiredness

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Shanana the cannibalistic banana

I must agree whole-heartedly!!! Ultimate frisbee is my favourite pastime, right after bowling. I've even started a snow league up here in Alaska!! The best thing about UF is that no one does take it all that seriously. It's a wonderful cardiovascular workout, and a good mixture of aerobic and anaerobic exercises are mixed in. It's about time someone wrote about the sport, don't you think?

Ultimate Frisbee forever!!!


Ultimate Tiredness

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Brother Andúril - Guardian

I've always been a fan of freestyle frisbee. I generally play it with the ultimate lot right in front of the library on campus (yeah Mohawks!) Im not actually that big a fan of ultimate, but freestyle is great, and much less physically gruelling. Hmm... I'm actually 5 minutes late for ultimate practise now in fact. Byeee

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