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Definition of a "Good Band"

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Steve K.

Dave Barry, the American humor writer, played in bands in his college days and more recently is a member of the "Rock Bottom Remainders". This is a band of authors - Stephen King, Amy Tan, etc. - that plays for charity. Rock legend Al Kooper is their "music director" or something, and says Barry is as good a guitar player as some pros.

Oh, yeah, Dave's definition of a "good band" is a band who is all playing the same song at the same time. Having been in a "Geezer Band", I can say that's not always a given ... smiley - erm

"The Rock Bottom Remainders plays music as well as Metallica writes novels."

Definition of a "Good Band"

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Definition of a good band?

Good Charlotte
Green Day

- to name but a few.

Definition of a "Good Band"

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Steve K.

Hmmm, my post was tongue-in-cheek, but seriously ...

The polls at vh1.com have been compiled into a little book with results for "The Best ...". Here are some examples:

70's Band: Led Zeppelin
80's Band or Artist: Madonna
90's Band: Nirvana
Pop Group: The Beatles

I don't see a 60's Band entry, but The Beatles are probably a lock for that.

My own taste runs to the more humorous (eccentric?): Dire Straits, Bare Naked Ladies, Todd Snider, Asylum Street Spankers, Brian Setzer ...
smiley - somersault

Definition of a "Good Band"

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Yeah, Dire Straits are brill. Walk of Life, Romeo and Juliet and Money For Nothing are good tracks I know of.
My own taste in music-

Iron Maiden
GC (above) smiley - smiley
Green Day
The Watch (my school band)
Guns 'n' Roses
Dashboard Confessional

I'm pretty much into rock and punk and a hell of a lot of other stuff. GC should've been in there.

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