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Ha, I'm joking.. I'm 15 years old and have serious problems sleeping. Mum always tries to get me up to bed early, and I go up, but can I get to sleep? NOPE! It's so frustrating, because then with school the next day it's impossible to wake up that early. So I find myself lying in bed, bored out of my mind, with the clock ticking and ticking... and ticking some more. Can be as late as 3, but that's when it's bad. And I know friends have this problem too.
I've tried various suggestions: warm milk and cookies, read a book, listen to music, meditate, sing, relax, blank out your mind and so on. Rarely does it work. Mum always insists I have to be upstairs quite early because she read in the paper that 'it's the sleep before midnight that counts'. Anyone know if that's true? Could just be a ploy to get me upstairs sooner.
Any more tips for getting to sleep? I've got GCSE's coming up!

Pleasant Teenager.

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I suffer from the same things, but it's been happening more often lately... One tactic that always helps me is going to bed at the same time each night. Yes, it's boring and dull but so am I smiley - smiley.

If you want to get a more helpful answer, you could try asking in Ask H2G2... more people hang out there, so you're more likely to get a decent reply.

Pleasant Teenager.

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Menthol Penguin - Currently revising/editing my book

I normally get to sleep at roughly ten o'clock, some day's it's later other times i only get about two or three hours sleep. But i work on the principle that if you weren't meant to do do it your body would stop you doing it, so maybe your getting deliberatley tired so you can get to sleep better the next night.

Normally when i can't sleep it's because i'm thinking about something.

If you can't get to sleep and you're thinking about something try writing down what you're thinking about, make it into a story or soemthing because then you won't be thinking about it. This may work it's not medical or anything, it's just a thought (a rare thing for me to have a thought!)smiley - biggrin

Pleasant Mum.

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A pleassant mum here with a cured teenager. I got a sleep hypnosis MP3 download from the web. It runs for say 50 mins and cost £9? (I got the one that had some recommendations from people that had not slept for 20 years etc.)

My daughter was cured the first night she heard it. The problem was she woke up and smelt the coffee for the first time in 2 years. I have barely seen her since!

One problem solved - another started smiley - wah

Pleasant Mum.

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Menthol Penguin - Currently revising/editing my book

now you need a coffee hypnosis mp3smiley - winkeyesmiley - laugh

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