A Conversation for Sleep and Teenagers

Attention Deficit Disorder

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I wonder where this so-called disorder was fifty years ago? I never heard of it until well into the '80's.

To my recollection, the ability for children or teens to pay attention was never viewed as a " disorder " but a behavioural problem that was quickly cured by disciplinary measures -- beginning with a number of sharp reproofs designed to shame the offender. The recalcitrant were given a form of corporal punishment that brought most to heel. With only rare exceptions, children of the mid- 1950's survived quite well without drug therapy and/or psychological assessment.

There would be far fewer problems with children's social skills and scholastic performance if they were kept motivated. That motivation should include the prospect of certain discipline for failing to conform to expectations -- something that is sadly lacking at the present time.

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Attention Deficit Disorder

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