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A Southpaw in A Right-handed World

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I am left-handed, and I agree that using certain tools isn't easy. I was using the numbers on the top of the computer keyboard at work, and my boss asked me if it wouldn't be easier to use the ones on the right-hand side. smiley - erm I explained that being left-handed, I found it easier to use the ones at the top. However, being an adaptable southpaw, I have taught myself to use a mouse with my right hand (except on the laptop I'm using now, which has the mouse built in). This dates back to my old job, where I had to ask for a left-handed mouse when I did computer training. Quite frankly, I was fed up with having to stick my hand up and ask, not to mention the funny looks you got from some of the right-handers, smiley - wah so I made myself use my right hand. A fun time ensued with cursors whizzing about all over the screen but I mastered it in the end!smiley - ok
Here's to the left-handers of the world!! Be proud to show your left-handedness to the world! Mind you, it is a bit worrying to share the same hand orientation as Jack the Ripper..smiley - yikes. Still, on the plus side sharing it with Macca far outweighs that icky thoughtsmiley - cool.
Cheers for a brill article!smiley - cheers

A Southpaw in A Right-handed World

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just a thought but most computer mouses are designed to be bost left and right handed (it's only the stupid 'ergonomic' ones that follow the contours of right handers) you just need to swap the mouse clicks around and whammokabango you have yourself a left handed mouse. (much fun is had setting this up on a right hand desktop without their knowledge!)

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A Southpaw in A Right-handed World

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