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Just got back yesterday from a short break to Brussels using Eurosmiley - star . Dunno whether it's to do with my being smiley - senior or due to my being A578766, but I caused us miss our scheduled train back to London. I mis-read the ticket by thinking that the arrival time in London was the departure time from Brussels. Hence arrived at Brussels Station just in time to see our train pulling out of the station .

When I explained this to the officials, they said that they could see this had been a genuine mistake and managed to get us onto the next train that left 2 hours later smiley - ok.

Being sinistral, I tend to (for example) scan books from rear to front, and to scan documents from right to left.

The Eurosmiley - star ticket had the Brussels station name in the centre, the Departure time (in emboldened text smiley - doh) to the left of this, and the arrival time to the right.

As I wasn't really expecting the ticket to show an arrival time, when I saw '2006 hours' I just assumed this was a 'Departure' time smiley - doh

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