A Conversation for Kebabs

Sounds like a taco to me...

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Sure sounds like what I enjoy (in the States) as a taco (fish being my current favorite).

A few years ago, my fellow co-workers got into finding hotter and hotter sauces. I discovered that once you get past the jabanero pepper level, it loses all flavor and just becomes different level of heat/pain.

The Simpsons episode where Homer eats the Guatelmalen Insanity Peppers is a good example of this sort of thing...

Sounds like a taco to me...

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Jink Bo

Nothing to do with Taco's

Similar in look, but not taste.

Taco=mexican food
kebab=greek/turkey/persia etc

Sounds like a taco to me...

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They could be mutated cousins. Same idea, with different spices and bread types...

Sounds like a taco to me...

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The basic principle is the same. Wrapping mixed left-overs in a bready container, and dousing it with vast quantities of chilli and spices so you can't taste the actual contents.

Turkey kebabs after Xmas are a much more palatable solution to the "leftovers" crisis than 8 days worth of cold turkey sarnies. smiley - smiley

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