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Reason why Hicks was dumped from Letterman

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It's no coincidence that Hicks was dumped from Letterman that night. One of the shows advertising sponsors: Pro-Life. The advertisers complained about Hicks' act and threatened to pull its money from the network.

Reason why Hicks was dumped from Letterman

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I had always been curious as to why it had been taken off the air, i always got the impression he freaked out on stage and said/did a lot of things he shouldnt have due to something caused by the cancer. (i dunno if that makes any sense) like nerve endings shooting off or maybe just frustration and anger, im not sure but that was the impression i always got.

Reason why Hicks was dumped from Letterman

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Geoff Taylor - Gullible Chump

Not the case. From all accounts Hicks did a sterling gig that night, storming the gig and getting compliments from Letterman himself.

Personally I think that the producers simply lost their nerve; I don't think the pro-lifers were anything more than coincidence.

Reason why Hicks was dumped from Letterman

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Kenny Ellaway

According to the book by close friend John Lahr, the Pro-lifers did threaten to withdraw all advertising from CBS both on a national and local level. The censor at CBS at the time was in the audience on the night of Hicks apperance and was in tears of laughter. The producers agreed that was the best 8 minutes they'd seen in ages. Unfortunatly, the Pro-lifers heard about the set (possibly down to the fact there was a member in the audience that night?).

I guess we'll never really know the truth, and that would have pis**d Bill Hicks off....

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