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Genius article!
I am a HUGE fan of the late Bill Hicks.
I wish he were alive today, ranting about the Iraq war, about the global financial crisis (which he would inevitably have blamed on every consumer alive), and about the imminent US Presidential election.
It's a tragedy of the highest order that he was taken from the world at such a young age.
I often wish he'd done a gig with Michael Moore (Farenheit 9/11). I think they would have been best mates.


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Does it unnerve any of you fellow 'wild bill' fans out there the way we bang on about this guy? Sometimes i feel like such a 'cult'! [obvious wordplay...sorry about that...but i am obvious].
Its like the 'Church of Hicks' and his devoted disciples [and i'm one of his most passionate followers]! God..[who/whatever].....i can almost see me now, on the High Street with a megaphone in one hand preaching 'his word' and a Bill dvd in the other....scary?! [would Bill be happy or displeased about his followers raising him up on such a pedestal?....actually...i reckon he's just laying back with a cigarette and laughing right now....things haven't changed much since you left us Bill have they]? 'We've learned from our mistakes and can repeat them exactly' [not sure who's quote that is...]!
Saw 'the man' just once on stage in Leicester 1992.....and i remember thinking...there is a god! Then i just wet myself laughing......!

All the best to fellow 'devotee's' out there in cyberspace....Bill lives!...Never give up...never surrender..[quote: Galaxy Quest]...i think..!

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