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Remember that anti religion thing

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Simon, Wholly Harmless

Hey there. Remember that Bill Hicks concert when he was ranting about the Christian he met on the plane who was attempting to convince him that fossils were put here by God to test our faith. Well I think I have found the Christian's website. Apart from a length tirade against the theory of evolution, the site also had the following insights into atheism (Bill, I hope you're reading this mate). Incidentally, i have used the same quotes in my rant against religion on my page so sorry to all those who have spotted that.

Can atheists lead moral lives?
Atheists are indeed immoral. While one person may chose to act immorally by robbing banks, another may act more immorally by initiating evolution. Atheists think they live morally, since they don’t end up in prisons, but this is simply because atheists have made laws which exclude most criminal acts of atheists from the penalty of incarceration.

Hey, my friend is an atheist
That’s a sign that the devil is trying to get you hooked on his satanic spirit. God tells Christians not to be unequal to yoke with unbelievers and being friends with atheists is a prime way to disobey that command. By all means get away from atheists, -assuming of course, you told them straight they are wrong and shouldn’t be accepted. When you trail the path of atheism, you travel a suicidal path, because the God atheists deny will punish them forever. No matter how nice atheists seem, keep in mind, if you saw satan, you would see no person nicer.

You don't understand atheists
There is no stereotyping of atheists here. All atheists are bad, have a desire to make people negate their obligation to the laws of God, and work toward the moral destruction of a nation. These factors alone are more than enough to incriminate the atheist element. It would be best for you yourself to go and be sure YOU understand atheism. I have spoke with many atheists, I am not afraid of them, I haven't been shot by one. What both you and I ARE harmed from are the dangerous workings of atheism, which is killing babies, freeing criminals and establishing anti-God deception. This is the characteristic of atheism. If atheists were people who ONLY felt God did not exist, they wouldn't also been known as people who seek to remove the Bible from children, and who extract moral instances out of government and from the world community.

But atheists have the right to be atheists
By who? Did man give atheists the right to be atheists? The USA constitution did? What is that? Who are the founding fathers? What makes their decision to give atheism the right of expression right? Nobody worth anything gave atheism the right to existence. All that could give atheists the right to existence is faulty man who is continually in sin. Since atheists don't say satan exist, they must be saying they got their right to existence from some men who lived some 200 years ago. What makes those men so special and universally right? As you can see, there is no exalted nor great entity which provides atheism with a right to existence. But Christians have the Almighty God who gives them the right to be in existence. Atheism has no one that great that can provide them with a right to existence. Since God's decision is the only rightly universal decision, atheism stands by with no truly legal certificate of permission nor a right to subsistence. The right the American constitution gives it is obsolete and holds no right in God's sight. Remember, we will have to render account unto God, not the American constitution on judgment day, - thank God!


Who is this person??

Please own up now and tell us all that it was a joke.

Remember that anti religion thing

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Geoff Taylor - Life's Liver

The sad thing is that this stuff is internally logical. It's also a pile of crap, obviously.

Do me a favour and let me have their URL. I'd love to go and have some fun with these people.

Remember that anti religion thing

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Simon, Wholly Harmless

Hey, there. Would love to give you the URL, but at present there's not much point as the page still seems to be under construction (which is good as it means its fairly new or it has been abandoned). If you are interested though, have a look at [URL Removed by Moderator]
I haven't made it an active link in case the masters remove it.

Let me know how you get on


Remember that anti religion thing

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Geoff Taylor - Life's Liver


Active link or not, no-one escapes the Spanish Inquisition!

Try again, kind sir

smiley - cheers

Remember that anti religion thing

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Simon, Wholly Harmless

Ok try doing a web search with the following: citizens for the ten commandments.

Hopefully you will find it from that.

Is it an advertising thing which stops you from using URLs or what?

Remember that anti religion thing

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Geoff Taylor - Life's Liver

It's moderation policy. I know, it sucks. But there you go. The debate's been had many times. Just look at the Community Forum and you'll see what I mean.

Remember that anti religion thing

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Okay, uh, let see. Bill Hicks never at anytime in his life claimed to be an athiest, he was a Spiritualist What he did believe, was that all roads lead to the same destination. He always said that we were one on with God and that He loves us unconditionally, which I find personally agree with and have believed long before I heard of Mr. Hicks.

Remember that anti religion thing

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" I appreciate your little superstitions and traditions, I on the other hand, am an evolved creature who deals solely with the source of light that dwells within each of our minds.....No middle man required because there is a living God who can talk directly f*****g to you!!!!!"

I thinks that sums up mr Hicks take on religion quite nicely.....I had the privilege of seeing him twice, at the Dominion and in Brighton, one of the greatest comics I have ever heard.

Remember that anti religion thing

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"you can be immoral by initiating evolution"? How do you inintiate evolution? I was not aware I could do this through choice! How do I go about NOT initiating evolution (as I am a moral and spiritually good person)? Is there a waiver I should sign before sex? Is there a box I should tick on a form somewhere?

Remember that anti religion thing

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Moonbuggy's post just made me laugh so hard I banged my knee on the underside of my desk!!

On a seperate note (while I'm here, typing away, might as well contribute) you'd be amazed at the amount of times I see/hear things in this country, like *another* all boy/all girl band (or should that be 'bland'?) or a particularly over-merchandised film/movie (I know he was a fan of the movies) I and think to myself "Bill would have a field-day with this lot."

If he were here today, he'd turn in his grave.

My knee hurts smiley - sadface

Remember that anti religion thing

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If Bill were here today, I don't think he'd want to be in a grave.

Remember that anti religion thing

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YalsonKSA - "I'm glad birthdays don't come round regularly, as I'm not sure I could do that too often."

*Laughs like a drain.*

*Bangs knee on underside of desk.*

Remember that anti religion thing

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smiley - biggrinHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! that made my day :D
stupid sod who wrote that
basically saying
"we don't believe in the government, but we do believe in that man in our stories and heads! hallelijuah!"

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