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Researcher 204551

I discovered bill whilst at uni. While most people believe he is one of the funniest commedians of all time, I would also say he was one of the most influential. Anyway, for videos check out three sources...

www.ebay.com (serach Bill Hicks)

Distribute his material, get it out there. Although he has been dead for eight years, Bill's comedy is still relevant today. On the Gulf. On Bush Sr (now Bush Jnr), on politics... everyone who has an ounce of intelligence should listern to Bill's stuff.

Oh and if you can hold of it Bill Loses It, in Chicargo is one of the finest examples of dealing with a heckler EVER. Very FUN!

SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!! [email protected] for more info!!!

Bill... Simply the best

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Firstly I just wanna say I loved the guy I thought he was a genius and was quite generally upset when he died it's so sad to think he's not here to give his take on life TODAY so to speak.

Right, I was gonna to a seperate thread but methinks you might be able to help or know something...

next year with it being the ten years since Bill's departure I've noticed they have brought out the Totally Bill Hicks on dvd recently and was wondering if they had planned to like do an anniversary 'thing' and release all his stuff in like a boxset or something? Some might think it morbid some might welcome it, it's actually not that easy to get all his stuff, the cd's are but not the videos so was wondering if anyone had heard anything?

Also the Bill Loses It/Heckler thing - how could someone go about finding it? is there by any chance there's a place online to download any of his stuff?

I am a massive fan and Im always showing what I do have of his to friends that have never heard of him and I havent come across a person yet who didnt like him.

"It's just a ride."

Bill... Simply the best

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Rt. Rev. Lesley Gentle

I have seen the Bill Loses It show available on Soulseek MP3 download programme before. I cannot recall the name of the show, you will just have to trawl through the list by searching for Bill Hicks. Remember don't download any illegal songs. No honest. Please don't. That would be illegal.

Go to [Broken link removed by Moderator] to get the soulseek programme. If you can't find the right name for the show I may be able to find out for you. I haven't heard anything about a boxset, the DVD is just a reissue (albeit a fantastic one) of a video that has been available for ages, and I have seen no other stuff apart from that and the One Night Stand video available.

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Geoff Taylor - Gullible Chump

Hi all.

Bill's friend Kevin Booth runs Sacred Cow Productions. If you look up the Sacred Cow website you'll be able to order all kinds of Hicks material, including videos and albums.

I recommend "Sane Man". I'm also told that "Rant in E Minor" is truly excellent.

Last December would have been Hicks' 40th birthday, so I did a little tribute at one of my comedy gigs. T'was fun. I doubt that anything official will happen on the 10th anniversary, because Bill wasn't that well known, even in the UK.

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Researcher 211404

ah... bill aint that great. he's OK. he's got spunk. but he's an amateur. ive seen funnier

Bill... Simply the best

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You didn't name any though. I couldn't.

OK, maybe Laurel & Hardy were funnier.

That's not the same as better.

smiley - cheers

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Bill Stickers

Bill Hicks was totally amazing!! Now Bill Bailey, who I saw recently in Royal Tunbridge Wells, had me in tears on many occasions in his 2 hour set but the thing is Bill Bailey is crazy, for starters, & uses music in his comedy so is completely different to Bill Hicks style of humour. Bill Hicks made you laugh & think at the same time, he was a preacher as well as comedian.
We should all where chains with a gold cigarette attached to it in memory of him but then do you think he'll want to see that if he comes back?

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i think i may have the video in question with the heckler moment its called "one night stand" and is a "laughing stock" production its good but it only lasts around 20-25 minutes it has a few gags you may well have seen him do on other vids its part of his ufo tour thang which i also have on cd which lasts a good hour or more. i have seen most of his stuff live although im sure there is more but "totally bill hicks" which i think is the main one on general release is the best i've seen in terms of the mans stage work, timing, and that explicit turn of phrase in which he excells in painting the picture for you!!ROCK ON BILL HICKS surfing on the lake of fire!

Bill... Simply the best

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im in total shock to see the words hicks, bill and amateur in the same sentence. No bill hicks was crazy bill bailey plays safe compared to hicks in fact there is no comparrison hicks was a genius bill bailey would tell u that himself.hicks aint a preacher he tells the undeniable truth in whatever way he chooses to approach it. there ain't many comedians who can walk on stage and command it like hicks and there aint any comediens can tell it like it is with such mastery, improvise with superb timing and act it out whilst being the funniest guy that alive and then die at 32! c'mon man check him out again your not seeing it right. you can't be if bill bailey is your comparrison

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