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Nice entry about a very interesting film, but... it would be nice to give the soundtrack a mention as it really helps the atmosphere so much. Music by Vangelis (mainly). Fabulous synth and electronic stuff. It wasn't released for years after the film came out, for some reason or other. Well worth picking up. The CD also contains lots of dialogue from the film.


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Steve K.

Good point. I went to Amazon and listened to the five samples, ~30 seconds each, very moody. As someone who tries to do similar soundtracks for short videos, I can say its not easy. But it helps to use something like the "Loops for Acid" collection from Sonic Foundry, "Pandora's Toolbox - the Dark Side of Sampling". And its royalty free stuff, unlike the "Blade runner" soundtrack smiley - wow


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Tinkerbell *tumbleweed*

Thanks! smiley - cheers

Yeah there's loads more which could be written, I considered doing an entire series of these but then I started uni and ran out of time and stuff... Really need oen about special effects too, and possible meanings for things in Blade Runner, the themes and the like smiley - biggrin


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Moonglum Clampflower (MornC), Muse of Ego, Keeper of the Lamp and Guru, (aka Happinose)

Be carefull that you get the right sound track. There were two released, the Vangellis orignal that was used in the film was released much later due to copyright problems. If it doesn't say that it's performed by Vangellis then it's probably the wrong CD.

smiley - cheers

smiley - crescentmoonsmiley - biggrin


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I agree, the music by Vangelis for Blade Runner was great. Very atmospheric. It suited the film well.


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One version is an orchestral variation of the soundtrack and the other is Vangelis's stuff. Vangelis did try to use synthetic and organic instruments to create the soundtrack. For a homage or rip-off or parody just listen to the opening music of Final Fantasy 7. Very Blade Runner

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